Aaron Cohen 2-Day Active Shooter Response Course Nov 6-7 DOTHAN, ALABAMA


The Houston County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Wiregrass Public Safety Center will host Israeli special operations trained national counterterrorism expert Aaron Cohen for his elite 2-Day Active Shooter Response Tactical Training Course in Dothan, Alabama November 6th & 7th at the newly built state of the art Wiregrass Public Safety Center. This will be an open enrollment law enforcement tactical training course for all outside agencies interested in exploring the authentic Israeli methodology for high threat active shooter/killer response.

Course Curriculum:

-Advanced Israeli Urban Patrol Rifle (behaviorally compliant point shooting under high stress).
-Israel’s cutting-edge limited penetration room clearing (LimPen) methodology for high threat clears.
-Single + 2-man Responses
-Engaging armed threats in crowds.
-Functioning under high levels of stress.
-Mindset conditioning

The Facility


The Wiregrass Public Safety Center is home to state-of-the-art training and recruiting facilities for police, fire, emergency medical personnel, and other first responders. The center is anchored by a 28,130-square foot Education and Training Building and includes an array of scenario specific resources designed to simulate, with crucial accuracy, the emergency situations first responders are likely to face.

Aaron Cohen 2-Day Intensive Active Shooter Response Course (Patrol, SRO’s and SWAT)
Cost: $400 (early bird)
Location: Wiregrass Public Safety Center
Dothan, Alabama
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