Cherries is a company owned by one of countries Most Recognized Security And Counter-Terrorism Experts Aaron Cohen.  The purpose of Cherries is to help countries and organizations around the world be safer. 

We are in the process of expansion, and we're constantly looking for the best of the best:  dedicated professionals, people interested in opportunities to help others that cant help themselves.

Cherries is expanding it's instructor cadre for various training projects, and primarily helps foreign nations to develop state-of-the-art counter terror doctrines.  We do this through the creation of specialized units through cutting edge counter-terrorist training. We’re all about assisting allied nations in protecting themselves from the threat of terrorism.


(מדריכ לוט"ר)


Cherries is seeking highly qualified Israeli Special Operations MOS Training Instructors (מדריכ לוט"ר) to support various Eastern European/African/South East Asia Special Forces training and curriculum implementation at both CONUS and OCONUS sites, for a period ranging from 4 weeks to 12 weeks, with multiple optional rotations possible over 18 months. The qualified candidate will have extensive knowledge of and experience in Israeli SOF training instruction, design, organization and implementation, while working directly with other training team members to ensure the content and conduct of training supports the mission and goals. 

Positions are x1 מדריכ לוט"ר / Mashak Lotar from Israel's Counter Terrorist Warfare School / בית הספר ללוחמה בטרור


  • Provide classroom and practical application instruction, as subject matter expert, in Israeli Special Operations Forces MOS specific training; including hands-on field training, operational performance exercise training, standard battalion operations and intelligence for combat operations, as well as provide instruction in company-level mission readiness exercises.

  • Must be very familiar with and prepared to provide instruction in basic and primary Israeli Special Forces functions including but not limited to:
    • Counter-Terrorism
    • Hostage Rescue (Plane, Train, Building)
    • High Risk Terrorist Warrant Service (ShaDov)
    • Plain Clothes Arrests
    • Material or Personnel Recovery
    • Special Reconnaissance
    • Intelligence Gathering
    • Unconventional Warfare
    • Krav Maga (lotar)

  • Supervise and mentor foreign military fighters during daily training exercises and operations.
  • Act as liaison between training management team and foreign student forces.
  • Prepare status reports, for the training management team, as needed, to improve or enhance training efforts.
  • Instructors share the responsibility for executing tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) instruction in classroom, field and simulated environments.
  • Ensure students gain the ability to effectively employ the TTPs necessary, in various scenarios.
  • Instructors and Training Management team may be asked to evaluate students’ performance and certify their competence in the skills they have been instructed in.


  • Shall have a minimum of 3 years’ LOTAR Special Operations Forces experience; preferred candidate will have more than 2 years of outside instruction working with foreign units outside Israel. 
  • Must possess previous instructor experience, with priority given to Adam Special Operations Training Center approved and/or accredited instructor experience.
  • Must be a dual US/Israeli Citizen.
  • Possess and maintain physical fitness & conditioning necessary to deliver this training.
  • Knowledgeable in SF operations, SOP’s, TTP’s that affect mission planning and understanding of operational environments.
  • Desired instructors will possess skills across a broad spectrum of disciplines and demonstrate flexibility to train or instruct in one or more of their demonstrated skillsets.
  • Background training or expertise in some or much of the following is ideal:
    • Israeli Limited Penetration Room Clearing
    • Instinctive Pistol and Carbine (LOTAR)
    • Krav Maga (LOTAR)
    • Urban Combat (Macro and Micro)
    • Mindset Conditioning 
    • All Platforms Takedown And All Speeds (Ishtaltoot and ShaDov)
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and communicate effectively.
  • Extensive working knowledge of weapon systems and foreign weapons experience; especially Soviet weapons systems.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Range Operations.
  • Must possess strong skills in Orienteering/Land Navigation, practical exercises and common-task training, map reading, use and handling of compass.
  • Possess high personal standards of technical knowledge & professional competence in delivering course training material relevant to MOS position.
  • Demonstrate high levels of Perseverance and Personal Responsibility
  • Working toward an end, with commitment and resolve.
  • Must be self-motivated and an autonomous self-starter
  • Anticipating the tasks and acting accordingly.
  • Display professionalism at all times.
  • Must possess mature judgment skills, with studied opinions and ability to make sensible decisions based on personal experiences.
  • Adaptability and ability to think and solve problems in unconventional ways
  • Recognize, understand and navigate multiple social and/or foreign networks
  • Proactively shape the environment or circumstances in anticipation of desired outcomes.
  • Must be a strong leader who respects others and acknowledges diversity.
  • Romanian language skills, highly desired


  • The 8 to12 week deployments are to be conducted as unaccompanied tours, and are not conducted in active operational theatres.
  • Graduate of an approved IDF Course Mashakay LOTAR
  • Graduate of the IDF Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet 13, YAMAS, Mossad or 217 Pipeline.
  • The nature of the training requires high standards of mental and physical strength and agility.
  • All instructors will participate in training events in rough terrain that will require the ability to lift/carry 45 pounds, walk up mountainous terrain, walk up to several miles per day with a rucksack, and provide up to eight (8) consecutive hours of instruction.
  • Each instructor must be willing and able to perform in a variety of environmental conditions including:
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Cold
    • Heat
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • If Necessary, Extreme Inclement Weather


  • Sit/Stand – Occasionally
  • Walk/Hike - Frequently
  • Bend or Stoop – Frequently
  • Drive /Reach Above – Occasionally
  • Use Hands for Push/Pulling or Fine Manipulation – Occasionally
  • Lift/Carry –
    • Up to 50 lbs. – Frequently
    • 50 to 100+ lbs. – Occasionally
    • Alternatively, each associate may be asked to take and pass an age-appropriate U.S. Army Physical Training test.
INTEGRITY - Honesty, Trust and Respect in every situation
EXCELLENCE - Performance, Effectiveness, Quality, and Safety in everything we do
INNOVATION - Embracing new ideas and best practice in every service that we provide
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