Israeli Count-Terrorist Training

israeli counterterrorism training for military and law enforcement


Cherries multi-fit Deep Concealment Holster

AS SEEN IN TRAINING FOR JOHN WICK 2. Introducing the next evolution in concealed carry holsters. The Cherries Multi-Fit Deep Concealment Holster Fits Over 19 of the most popular handguns and can be run IWB or our cutting edge A-BWB (Appendix Below-The-Waistband). ONLY $49.99.


Aaron Cohen 2-Day Behavioral Based CQB School

After years of terrorism Israel developed a behavioral-based Close Quarters Battle (CQB) method for their military and police special operations units by partnering with the country’s top behavioral scientists. They found that for close quarters high threat response, extreme stress triggered uncontrollable chemical responses when being fired at. Israel’s military leaders leaned into the science to develop a tactical doctrine focusing on the data and developed a comprehensive tactical platform that was behavioral based. This new doctrine lead to increased operational success and a major increase to operator safety. Cohen represents the authentic Israeli spec ops methodology and has been teaching Behavioral Based CQB to US law enforcement for over two decades.

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Aaron Cohen Keynote Speaker

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Israeli High Viz Pocket Folding I.D. Cap

Be highly visible while responding to an active threat while off-duty or plain clothed. Especially if forced to respond outside your jurisdiction. Reduce risk to yourself and overall liability to your agency by making sure other responsers know who you are  They fold up and run in your pocket and are easy to throw on under stress and allow officers to be highly identifiable when their guns are drawn.  Increase your agency's off-duty response capabilities and get your officers highly identifiable within seconds with this cost effective and proven solution to friendly-fire avoidance.

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Aaron Cohen Online GunJitsu Certification Training Course

GunJitsu is a firearms integrated mixed martial art that incorporates the use of vital striking, explosive throws, and extreme close quarters tactical shooting.  Designed by CTU Spec Ops Vet Cohen, GunJitsu incorporates many useable pieces and sequences that can be used for real world applications when performed correctly and within context.  Cohen started developing GunJitsu over ten years ago for spec ops units looking to explore practical solutions for close quarters scenarios where the attacker is too close to safely draw your firearm. GunJitsu was eventually brought to film and Keanu Reeves for the John Wick franchise which has grossed over 800m worldwide. 



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