Counter Terror School

The CHERRIES COUNTER-TERROR SCHOOL is one of the longest running counter-terrorist-specific tactical training school in the U.S.  Founded in 2000 (Pre 9-11, formerly IMS Counter Terror School), Cherries was the first tactical school established in the U.S. to bring the authentic, Israeli-developed, counter-terrorist tactics, including; limited penetration method of room clearing to police and military units.

We continue to focus on training LE and military units with a no-nonsense, results oriented, combat doctrine.  It is catered strictly for terrorism related tactical response, with the emphasis on hardcore, maximum stress induced training- in order to acclimate our students to real world operational conditions.

If you're on this page, it means you're interested in bringing us to your unit or agency. Please have a look at our current course list below, and email us for availability, minimum student requirements, and cost at cherriesapparel(at)

We are currently providing 1-on-1 private and semi-private tactical training courses for those who prefer are more personalized training environment. We can custom tailor any one of our courses below for you. Please email us for rates and availability at cherriesapparel(at)


5-Day Limited Penetration Course
Our limited penetration course is designed to get you safely clearing rooms from outside the frame.  We created this method for terrorist, high threat room clears and it works.  It's safer and where your body will naturally put you when being engaged from threats inside the room.  

Course content includes:
-Intro to 45/90/45 
-Distance To The Wall and Why/Angling
-Single and 2-man Room Clears
-Slow and Deliberate vs Fast (when and why)
-LimPen For Carbine and Pistol
-Body In Relation To The Frame
-Moving From One Room To The Next
-Center Fed Rooms
-Corner Fed Rooms
-Adjacent Rooms off Hallways
-Proper Weapon Positioning For Clears

5-Day Active Shooter Course 
This course is designed with the fundamental understanding that speed and aggression are key while armed in an active shooter situation.   
This course covers the core fundamentals of active shooter tactical response, and includes:
-Point Shooting 
-Rapid Drawing From Concealment
-Active Shooter Point Shooting
-Spotting All Threats
-Proper Threat Neutralization
-How To Sweep For Additional Threats
-Friendly Fire Avoidance/Anti-Fratricide
-Behavioral Based Room Clearing (Limited Penetration)
-Multiple Threat Interdiction
-Functioning Under Stress (Tunnel Vision, Auditory Exclusion, Endermal Reaction)
-CCW Gear Selection and Considerations
-Aggressiveness Training
-Identifying Yourself To Law Enforcement

LOCATION: Los Angeles
REQUIRED GEAR: Pistol, Proper CCW Holster, CCW Mag Carrier, Proper Belt, Civilian
Clothing (Jeans or cargo/Button Down or hoodie).  500 rounds of ammo.
MINIMUM EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Basic pistol safety, height proportionate to weight.
Taught 1 on 1 at our Los Angeles Facility
Email us at cherriesapparel(at) to book training date

5-Day Authentic Limited Penetration CQB School (40 Hours)
-Active Shooter Response
-Authentic Israeli Limited Penetration Room Clearing
-Advanced Tier-1 Israeli Carbine
-Shooting Into Crowds
-Terrorist Warrant Service (Ultra High Risk Threats)
-Active Shooter Response While Off-Duty/Lowviz Response

Taught 1 on 1 at our Los Angeles Facility
Email us at cherriesapparel(at) to book training dates

5-Day High Risk Security/PSD (40 Hours)
-Advanced Tactical Carbine and Pistol Training
-Tactical Shooting While Functioning Under Stress
-Convey Tactics and Formations
-GPS Navigation
-High Risk Protective Formations
-Emergency Extraction/Immediate Action Reponses
-Israeli Style Active Shooter Response For Non-Sterile Areas of Operation
- High Risk Advanced Scouting
-Combat Mindset Conditioning
-Engaging Threats in Crowded Areas
-Foreign Weapon/s Familiarization
-Low Visibility/ Plain Clothed Operations (Mid East Ops)

Taught 1 on 1 at our Los Angeles Facility
Email us at cherriesapparel(at) to book training dates

5 Day Executive Protection
-Basics of Personal Security Details
-Authentic Israeli Special Forces Tactical Pistol and Carbine / Point Shooting
-Protective Formations
-Emergency Extraction/Immediate Action Reponses
-EP Specific Krav Maga Defensive Tactics
-Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis
-Advanced Scouting and Route Planning Overview and Breakdown
-Micro Protection / Meetings and Other Sit-down Areas of Operation
-Basic Surveillance Detection
-Combat Mindset Conditioning
-Working in Crowded Areas
-Anti-Paparazzi measures
-Tactical Shooting While Functioning Under Stress
-Vehicle Tactics
-Israeli Style Active Shooter Response For Non-Sterile Areas of Operation
-Engaging Threats in Crowded Areas
-Low Visibility/ Plain Clothed Operations (Mid East Ops)
-Low Light Operations
-Final Exercise

Taught 1 on 1 at our Los Angeles Facility
Email us at cherriesapparel(at) to book training dates

We offer specialized counter-terrorist consulting for governments looking to improve their overall security and counter-terror capabilities for the growing terror threat in both Europe and the Middle East.  We can build for you a custom counter-terrorist tactical program based on your governments current needs.
Specialized Counter-Terrorist Response Training For Existing Police Forces, Armed Security Personnel and Existing Specialized Tactical Units.  

Creation Of Counter-Terror Capable Special Tactical Units.  

Israeli EL-AL Style Security Training For Government Installations including airports, train and private businesses.

Please email us at cherriesapparel(at) for a consultation.